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Mothers of Invention

Mama Mia! What to get the most important woman in your life this March 15th?! Don’t worry, we have loads of gorgeous gifts and charming cards, so you can spend less time looking for the perfect pressie and more time with your mammy.
Mother’s Day, as we know it, has only really been celebrated in the Western world for about a hundred years. But, of course, there have been many guises of Mother’s Day that have celebrated the maternal and matriarchal for thousands of years. The ancient Greek Goddess Cybele was venerated by the peoples of Asia Minor from about 1200-700BC, and a little later the Romans picked up on the tradition of celebrating mother gods, pregnant deities, and Cybele in particular, in the Hilaria Festivals which occurred between March 15th and March 28th.


Mother’s Day also became increasingly synonymous, across Europe, with the Christian holiday of Mothering Sunday which is celebrated on the forth Sunday of lent. In the sixteenth century it was traditional to go to mass in your ‘mother church’ (your main parish) on the forth Sunday of lent, and this then became a day servants would be given the day off, to get to their parish, and would therefore go to church with their kids and spend time with their families.


These days it’s just a lovely moment to say thanks to your mam. We know that you know that your mam deserves a wee token to say you love her. She knows that you know that she doesn’t expect it and it’s not really necessary ’cause you’re so great to her all year ’round. But we know that makes the surprise all the nicer.
How about an Irish handmade Purcell and Woodcock candle with the delicate scent of Fresh Cotton or delicious aroma of Pomegranate (€6.50/14)? Or a bright and fun Pop Jug for her table (€18.50)? Maybe aSagaform White Wine Carafe is more to her taste, with its pure oak stopper and sleek, elegant design (€30). Or if she’s a cuppa kinda woman (whose mam isn’t?) then an Irish Mammies mug will fit the bill, with slogans like “Don’t be Acting the Maggot” and “Did you Say a Prayer to Saint Anthony?” (€14). If your mam’s got green fingers a Herb Garden or Vegetable Patch grow kit should be up her street (€10). Or who wouldn’t love something from the wonderfully luxurious and perfectly pampering selection of The Dublin Herbalist’s cosmetic range (€24-50)?


All of these can be coupled with one of our unique Mother’s Day cards, whether it’s a fun message like “Brenda Fricker Hasn’t a Patch on You, Mam” or a more traditional one that features its message ‘as Gaeilge’, “Is iontach an Mamaí tú!“.Whatever the size, shape, price or kind of gift you’re looking for, or even if a simple message on a card says it all, look no further ’cause we’ve got you covered this weekend.

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