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A Full Day of Food

A Full Day of Food

We have some really great cookery books in the shop at the moment. Sanne and Roberta both love to cook so, they teamed up and pulled together some of their favourite recipes from our new cook books to create a full days worth of their dream meals! 

Fearless Food, by Lynda Booth has a deliiiiiiiicious Multiseed Brown bread recipe which you can't beat with some butter and jam or some cheese for a light but really fresh and wholesome breakfast. 

This recipe is deadly because it doesn't require double rising, so it's pretty quick to make. The treacle gives it a very rich malty flavour and all the seeds make you feel really healthy so it's a total win-win! 

Here are some things you can do while the bread is baking:
- Walk the dog 
- Organise your bullet journal 
- Think about whether your dog dreams about you or not 
- Talk to your daughter about the economy 
- Practice your interpretive dance

It's still cold and miserable outside at the moment so, for lunch, we've chosen a cosy Chorizo & Cannellini Bean stew, also from Fearless Food. 

This dish has a recipe for a garlic and chilli bread with it, but you could also serve it with some of your leftover brown bread from breakfast - if there's any left!  Sanne recommends toasting the multiseed bread and drizzling it with oil and garlic, delish. 

For dinner, a cosy Salsify Gratin from the beautiful Grow ,Cook, Nourish, by Darina Allen. Salsify? Yeh same. It's actually an ancient - almost completely forgotten -  vegetable, incredibly rich in nutrients and vitamins, also amazing for your digestion and blood pressure. Woooo Salsify! 

This dish is full of flavor and full of cheese. A real comfort meal - after your long hard day of eating delicious things!

(If you can't find Salsify, you could substitute it for parsnips, asparagus, or fennel)

To contrast the creaminess of the gratin, we're pairing it with a Shaved Beetroot and Radish salad, also by Darina Allen. This salad is fresh and sour - with a touch of spice from the radish and black pepper - making it the perfect accompaniment to the rich gratin. 


Back to Fearless food for dessert! This is actually breakfast dish but, go wild, we're having it for dessert because it's sweet but light after all that winter goodness, mad.

Baked plums with vanilla yoghurt and granola, ripe plums are tricky to find but baking them releases a lot of their juices, and if you're really stuck, the recipe is also wonderful with pears or peaches. 


It's a really easy to prepare too so it can be baking while you're eating your Salsify and they keep for a few days - just pop them in the fridge and reheat whenever you're ready - maybe breakfast the next day if you're too full! 





So there you go! A full day of food. You can get either of these amazing books here

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