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Busy B Desk Set
Thanks to Benjamin Franklin for providing the title for today's little bulletin. Are you sick of looking everywhere for your stationery bits and bobs? Have you no particular place for your paperclips? No pocket for your pencils? No shelf for your sharpener? No location for your labels? Now, I'm no Marie Kondo when it comes to decluttering and organisation, but I do like things to have their place. I also dislike rummaging through piles of stuff looking for a paperclip. Well, Busy B is here to help, and I do not refer to our friend Mr Franklin. The seriously organised woman behind the brand Busy B, is Kerrie Binnie, a Scottish product designer helping people find places for their things since 1998. 
Busy B collection at designist
The Busy B range is bright and colourful and useful. We have, in stock,  homework planner pads for the study-conscious, desk pads for those who need to get those fleeting ideas down quick, a lovely fancy pen in its own little pouch, a little desk kit that has a neat a tidy little compartment for tape, paperclips, bullclips, pencils and more, all housed in a nice little green box. Sigh..I can feel the chaos calming down by the minute! Check out the full range of Busy B products here. They make a lovely gift for your disorganised pals or as a promise to yourself for better, more organised days ahead. Why wait for the New Year to start your new tidy regimen? Go on, your pencils are crying out for a new home!
Busy B Collection at Designist

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