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Final Push for Repeal!

Final Push for Repeal!

With just one week to go to one of the most important referendums in Irish history, now is the time to make a change and become part of history!

Its been a long road so far but we're nearly at the finish line. There are loads of events taking place over the next week to give you a chance to show your support, feel some solidarity and do a bit of minding yourself. We have made a little collection of some of those events.....


Freedom; A Reflection of Post-Repeal Ireland: 18th and 19th of May, Mart Gallery Rathmines. 

Freedom is an exhibition showcasing artistic reactions to an Ireland post Repealing the 8th. A night of Art, Music, Poetry and a place to chill out before the Referendum.


 Live music & Yoga by Together for Yes: 18th of May, MVP Clanbrassil St.

A blend of meditation, yoga & dance with Trína nÓg and live music composed and performed by the talented Ain’t Saint John. And sure stay for a spud and a pint and the chats afterwards!


Everyday stories Audio events: 22nd of May. Bourke's Bar in Whelans. 

If you don’t know how you’ll vote, come along and listen to the testimonies of 3 people affected by the 8th amendment, ask questions and have a chat. Doctors for Choice will be there to answer any questions you have!



...And then, because we know Dublin isn't the centre of the Universe, here are some other wonderful Repeal events across the country:


Relax and Repeal (The 8th): 20th of May, Boden Park on Ormeau Road in Belfast.

Yoga for a good cause on Sunday. Try a Power Yoga class at 7:30pm or a Restorative Yin class at 8:30pm.



Yoga for Choice: 21st of May in Aras na nGael, Galway.

The run up to the referendum is a stressful time so why not take some time out to look after your body and your mind while also raising money for the campaign!


A conversation to Repeal: 21st of May in Mallow. 

Mallow Together for Yes will host a conversation to repeal the 8th amendment. Perfect event for those with questions or concerns about the upcoming referendum.

It's the final week and its so important to stay strong, keep hopeful and to take care of ourselves and each other. We can do this - whether you're leafleting, canvassing, wearing a sweater or a button - REP-RE-SENT and keep having the chats, it's amazing what honesty, empathy and conversations can do. So let's keep talking and reaching out. We have time in the next week to make the difference.

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