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fresh february

fresh february

Let's kick off our display of Valentine's cards with this one by the brilliant Hazel Kenny, as featured in the Irish Times at the weekend.



Love toast? Don't love the idea of being electrocuted? These Toasty Tongs are for you. We've all been tempted to stick a knife or fork in the toaster to retrieve our breakfast when it gets stuck but leading experts, including your mother, all caution against this risky move. And for good reason - you could die. Toasty Tongs will get the job done leaving you to go about your day alive. They're made from bamboo which, unlike forks, does not conduct electricity and is also naturally anti-bacterial.



Not a bad old day here in Dublin.



Who says romance is dead? Nothing like sharing a bag of cans with the one you love.



I'm sorry...what??! It comes in copper? Yes, we have Leuchtturm1917 A5 hardback notebooks in copper and they are ridiculously desirable. Enough to make you start a new project.



Need a little gift for someone? The gorgeous Spun Flower Vase from Coolree Design is perfect. Compact and simple, the vase can be put in any little spot you want to make special. Each one is handcrafted from Irish oak in Kildare and they come in oak as well as Coolrea's signature colours - sky blue, orange, grey and fern green. Beautiful.



We have a pretty excellent selection of Valentine's gifts and cards ♥️



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