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Gift Guide: How to give the perfect Graduation gift

Gift Guide: How to give the perfect Graduation gift

Graduations like many other milestones in life are a public acknowledgment of a personal achievement, but also a marker in life stages. So there’s really two ways you can approach celebrating them with a gift. Something that commemorates the achievement or a gift that helps set them up for the next chapter in their lives. Either way, years of hard work, blood, sweat and tears definitely deserves some recognition. 

If it’s more of a recognition of their endeavour that you’re after then may we suggest the following ideas:


everlasting flowers with slow pharmacy



If you’re looking for a gift to help them on their way, then we’ve got you covered with the following: 

bullet journal set


recycled leather handbags

 Whatever way you decide to go it's always lovely to have a reason to tell someone well done, that you are proud of them and looking forward to seeing what they achieve in the future. Hats off to them. 


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