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Gifts for Gas Dads

Gifts for Gas Dads

Next up in our dad categories is the 'gas' Dad. You know the type, dad jokes galore, he'd talk to a wall and he knows exactly how to embarrass you in front of your mates. But we love him anyway and a gas dad calls for a gas gift to give him a chuckle.

Feck-It Apron
Feck it ApronWhether he's taking care of the BBQ grill or doing a bit of DIY around the house, the gas dad will love this apron for making light of any messy situation. Sure it's GRAND!

Workplace Warfare
Workplace Warfare
If he's anything like my dad, you might almost end up regretting buying this for your own. I can see mine firing missiles at me from across the house once he's made it. But, it's definitely gas craic, so I won't deny him his fun.

Tax Disc Holder
Tax Disc Holder
The tax disc holder by Grand Grand is the perfect gift for any joker dad. It features a host of excuses your dad can use on the Gardaí if he gets pulled over, including telling the guard you recognise them from Coppers, or you are a diplomat and the car is therefore a foreign country! The guard might not be thrilled but your dad will definitely think it's gas. 

Dead Famous prints by Fintan Wall  
Dead Famous Series
The Dead Famous series by Fintan Wall are gas in an endearing kind of way. Digital prints of some of our favourite lost stars, from Prince to Carrie Fisher, mounted and framed. They'll brighten up a room and they're sure to make any fans smile.

Scratch & Sniff books 
Scratch and Sniff Books
These scratch & sniff books teach you the ins and outs of whiskey and wine, so your dad can look clever at parties. They're laid out like children's books and are designed to teach you about wine and whiskey through smell, so you can discern for yourself what's a good vintage or not. Great fun and really informative too!

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