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Introducing: Unbreakable Wine Glasses

Introducing: Unbreakable Wine Glasses

When I was a kid we had this most elaborate aqua coloured punch bowl. Its joyful colour and design brought ceremony to any meal, regardless of whether it was being used for party drinks or the more mundane Tuesday salad. Unlike the 'Best China', this bowl didn't hide away, it was taken out at each and every opportunity. The bowl taught me the importance of enjoying all those things in life that gives you joy as much as you can.  
I was reminded of this bowl when these brilliantly coloured glasses by Porter Green arrived in the shop. They are bright and decedent in feel, yet they are designed to BE USED. 

Hazel came across these vibrantly coloured silicone glasses while hunting for new products in Paris earlier in the year. Stacked one on top of another in seemingly precarious constructions, they invited a closer look, along with lots of oooooooooooohhhhhh's and aaahhhhhhhhhh's.

The Paris Trade Fair
Made by new Australian brand Porter Green; this female led and run business based out of Melbourne has gone from strength to strength having launched in 2018.
Their aim create stylish reusables that bring a fresh and fun approach to sustainable living. Lightweight and foldable the stem wine glasses feel sturdy in the hand and give a great drinking experience, whatever's your tipple.


What makes silicone a more sustainable choice? Unlike plastic, silicone rubber is a naturally mouldable, durable, and biocompatible material. It comes from silicon, a naturally abundant and inorganic material that's found in sand. This means no oil products are used in it's manufacture, making it a great alternative to plastic. 

blue silicone glasses

 Great for picnics and dining alfresco, we really like their fresh yet classic look and very clever design. Silicone is sturdy, practical, dishwasher friendly and pretty unbreakable - meaning while we can't necessarily stop you knocking over your wine glass, at least it's only the drink that'll be lost if you do.

We have a capsule collection of four stunning colourways, sure take a look.

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