Nominate a Mammy!

Let’s Send an inspirational Mammy a Card this Mother’s Day

Ahead of Mother's Day we want to say well done and thank you to a few of the worlds best mammies. Let's be honest, this last year has not been a walk in the park for many of us (or maybe its been too many walks in the park??). it's been a year that has started and shuddered to a stop too many times to recall, and the nightly news at times has been in equal doses to hard to watch and too hard not to watch. but in between there have been little moments of loveliness.

Seen as Mother's Day is coming up, we thought we’d like to send a Mother’s Day card to some of the mother figures who have helped you the most through this last year.

Maybe it is a best friend, a colleague, or someone from a WhatsApp or Facebook support group. Maybe it is someone you haven’t actually met in person that you follow. Regardless, they have helped and inspired you to get through this year and deserve a huge big THANK YOU.

We want you to share your stories and tell us who you would send a Mother's day card to and why. We will then pick our favourite stories and send a card with a message of your choice to your chosen mum. You can nominate them via social media and we’ll send as many cards as we can.

Pop over to Instagram (follow us @wearedesignist if you have not already) and let us know who we should be sending cards to this year

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