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  • Mammies of designist - Jennie

    Mammies of designist - Jennie

    Hi, I'm Jennie. This Mother's day is particularly special for me as it's my first as a Mammy (or really my 2nd, Rowan was born in early March, so much like birthdays over the last year I don't think the last...

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  • Mammies of Designist - Barbara

    Mammies of Designist - Barbara

    Hi, I'm Barbara and I am the exhausted, but grateful, and often shouting mother of Bill and Alex. Our little family returned to Dublin from London just before the pandemic took hold. We 'pit-stopped' at my old family home to...

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  • Nominate a Mammy!

    Nominate a Mammy!

    Let’s Send an inspirational Mammy a Card this Mother’s DayAhead of Mother's Day we want to say well done and thank you to a few of the worlds best mammies. Let's be honest, this last year has not been a walk...

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  • wow, what a week that was!

    wow, what a week that was!

    So, it’s been quite the 10 days. On 6th of March I disappeared off to have a baby, safe and secure that I had a wonderful team in place who could deal with almost anything in my absence, and boy...

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  • Sheelas, Mammies and and some lovely gifts

    Sheelas, Mammies and and some lovely gifts

    Love how these floating plant hangers let us bring extra greenery into the shop. We have them at home too and with this rotten weather they're great for getting a bit of garden into the house. 🌱🌿🌼   View this...

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  • Mom-umental Mother's Day Cards

    Mom-umental Mother's Day Cards

    We love a good card here at designist, but we've really hit the mother-lode with our Mother's day cards this year. We work with loads of deadly Irish designers and illustrators to bring you an optimum... selection of cards to choose from....

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  • Mother's Day gift ideas

    Mother's Day gift ideas

    Get your mammy something nice for Sunday, you know she deserves it! We have a brilliant range of gifts, to suit everyone from a new mum to one with a wealth of experience. Whether she's into fashion, cosmetics, homeware, reading...

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