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2020 vision

2020 vision

How about this for handy? A pen with two screwdriver heads (flat and philips head), a spirit level and a ruler! If you're planning on getting on top of household fixes and chores in 2020 you'll want this in your pocket.



After a rainy start it was a beautiful day here in Dublin - but boy, was it chilly!! Yes folks, winter is here. These brilliant floating plant hangers are a great way of bringing some of the outside in when it feels too cold for gardening outdoors. They work with any pot with a border and you simply screw them into the wall and add your plant of choice. A great gift for anyone who's setting up their home.



If you need a child’s present we’ve got loads of options including this adorable new tale from Chris Judge about Tiny and her pet Teeny who live in their little apple home on the edge of Glengadget (yes! It is that cute!!). It’s a story about friendship, kindness and community with mini stories woven in throughout the book. Young kids will absolutely love it.



Beeb beeb! Say hello to our ever popular chicken racer, perfect for little hands to push and pull along, drop from the top of the stairs or out the window when your back is turned. Made by eco brand Plan Toys it's sustainably made and carbon neutral so it's an all-round winner with everyone.



How we love our house plants. First you scope them out, buy them or (if you're lucky) get a cutting. Then there's where to put them. North or south facing? Lots of sun, partial sun? Classic situation or surprising spot? The right watering regime can take a bit of figuring out too. But doesn't it just give you so much pleasure when they thrive? These little miniature tree houses made from pre-cut brass came into the shop before Christmas and we absolutely love them. They add just the right touch of fun to our indoor greenery. They come complete with sunflower, ladder and even a pet monkey!



Come in and shelter from the afternoon with us.



We reckon that buying a book for kids is always a good idea. Reading is a portal through which we visit other worlds, travel back in time, dream and open our minds to things we didn't know we needed to learn. Best of all, it's the original mindful activity and it's never too early to learn how to tune out of this busy, crazy world.



Sometimes a card says it best.



Being an adult is about getting your life together and being organised - right? Then you find yourself rifling through your bag for essential things at the least opportune moment. Keep things (looking) grown up with this handy silicone bag light. It has 3 bright LEDs so you can find what you need easily. It also has a silicone loop so you can attach it to bag handles, key chains, purses or lockers. Now, that feels better doesn't it?



His and Hers bamboo toothbrushes ♥️



Keep your pen or pencil exactly where you need it - attached to your notebook or diary. Leuchtturm pen loops are made of a strong elastic strap and will keep your things securely in place. They come in great colours too!


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