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introducing our stationery subscriptions

introducing our stationery subscriptions

If you’re the type of Human who loves stationery then there’s few things as enjoyable as starting a new notebook. Cracking open the spine and making the first mark on the page is a ritual filled with both hope and potential. Filling it up with the things you’re learning, the lists of what you will do, and the ideas you have. The act of writing longhand helps you to order, plan, and manifest your thoughts in a very unique way. They serve as a record of your life, and a reference to where you were that you can refer back to from the future. 

getting organised with a good notebook

Bullet Journaling has genuinely been life-changing for many of us around here. Being able to refer back to the previous year's journal to see what plans you had for particular events and also what you actually got done serves to give you a head start on planning and also makes you feel much better about what you manage to get done. And while I've never managed to get a water tracker to work for me, I've found that having a list in the back of my notebook of all the herbs and spices we already have has been brilliant. Knowing that we already have nigella seeds and 2 kinds of mustard before I try out another Ottolenghi recipe with 47 ingredients feels less daunting. 

row of notebooks

You probably already have a favourite style of notebook. We’ve been enormous fans of Leuchtturm’s dotted a5’s for years, and having your next one to hand just when you need it is definitely one of the small ways you can feel on top of your life, and prepared for any new project that comes along. They do say a good start is half the battle. However as with getting yourself to drink enough water, eat healthier or any adult task; we all crave a certain amount of novelty to keep us on track. A fancy new pen, the right washi tape or sticker or a whole new type of notebook can breathe life into a mundane task that we’re finding hard to maintain. It gives us the additional dopamine hit needed to just keep at it.  

notebook full of drawings

With that in mind we’ve come up with a brand new stationery subscription. Each month you’ll receive at least one notebook and some bonus stationery bits to help you stay motivated, without you having to do anything. Having asked all of our customers, the average seems to be that you need to replace your primary notebook around every three months, so along with our favourites we’ll be throwing in some alternative stationery - diaries, address books, notebooks that make good emergency gifts, specialised notebooks and pens and pencils galore. It’ll be full of surprises. 

notebooks and penloops

Subscriptions are available for 6 months and 12 months but you can cancel anywhere along the way if it turns out that it’s not for you. 

And if stationery isn’t for you but you know someone else who would really get a kick out of it we also have a six month gift subscription so they’re reminded just how wonderful you are once a month. 

pile of notebooks

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