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Leuchtturm 2021

Leuchtturm 2021

We've been stocking Leuchtturm since 2014 and always get a bit giddy when their new catalogue lands.

While making some of the best quality notebooks around (numbered pages, pocket at the back, multiple page markers, thread sewn so they lay flat) they're also one of the most exciting stationery brands, who consistently innovate with new colour ways, new ideas and new accessories. 

This year they're launching a new set of rising colours - inspired by the sun rise and a much needed feeling of hope. We already have Rising Sun, Stone Blue and Warm Earth dotted notebooks in stock, but they are also launching matching Drehgriffel ball point pens, pen loops and pencils later in the year. 



They're also launching a new range of 150 gsm Outlines weatherproof notebooks in Signal Orange and Walden Green, that are made from the same paper as nautical charts, with additional pages with information on international time zones, and conversion tables for different types of measurements. 

Continuing the theme of hope they're also launching a start up journal - a guide to setting up your own business laid out in 15 simple steps. Providing hints and a framework while also giving you plenty of room to work through your ideas. 

Finally, they've also updated their ever popular bullet journal with edition 2. It has new page dividers, a grid guide to help you produce layouts more quickly, 120 gsm paper, a pocket guide to bullet journaling and a sticker set to get you going. 

We'll have all these new items in stock over the next couple of months but in the meantime checkout the overall collection here. As they say themselves their notebooks are for thinking with the hand. 



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