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spread of two pages from the book. multicolour illustration and text in blackcover of book on a white background. title and author in white text. illustration with pink ombre sky, a house shaped like an apple, a young girl at the door, a garden party in front of the house , a lady bird, a fly and a bird with another girl riding on its back.
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Dead Zoothe book is standing upright on a white background. the book has a yellow spine and a colourful picture of the inside of the dead zoo and mr. grey on it. the main colour is turquoise
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Dead Zoo

back of the book. The text and reviews are white and the background is navy blue. There is also a barcode.image of the book standing upright in front of a white background angled to the right. There is a navy blue with a dollar bill folded in to the shape of a rocket and surrounded by a ring and stars. the title and authors name are on the cover in white
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