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New Kintsugi Fixing Kit

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We all have that special saucer, that sentimental teacup or memory-laden jug which we wish to hold on to. But what to do when they get broken?

Kintsugi is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery by mending the areas of breakage with lacquer dusted or mixed with powdered gold. This ancient technique encourages us to cherish our broken things, to focus on the flaws, and celebrate imperfection. By repairing an object, the product becomes unique and personal. 

This new kintsugi repair kit by Humade takes the traditional art of Kintsugi and makes it accessible to all. Within each kit is a special glue, gold dust, and applicators, so you can repair your broken but still cherished objects at home.

Unlike traditional Kintsugi, this New Kintsugi repair kit can be used on almost any hard material such as glass, wood, marble, metal, hard plastic - as well as of course, ceramic.

This method of repair takes time and a little patience, it is not a super glue solution - rather It is the process of rebirthing broken things with loving care and turning break lines into features in themselves.

This is a wonderful gift for those who cherish their things and love to mend, repair, and reuse.

Read more about the kintsugi method in our blog post.

The Humade Kintsugi Kit is food-safe for a max temperature of 100 degrees Celsius. If the repaired porcelain is heated above 100 degrees, the heat can melt the materials. So, to keep your porcelain food safe, do not pour hot tea water directly into a cup where the main section has been mended using our kintsugi kit, and Do not use repaired items in the oven or microwave

How Does it Come?
In a cardboard box. Component glue, gold powder, a brush, bamboo stirring sticks and gloves, putty to fill up missing bits and pieces, a step-by-step manual with detailed pictures.


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