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  • introducing: badawin bike bags

    introducing: badawin bike bags

    Paris and many other French cities have seen a massive uptake in the number of people cycling to get around. It’s estimated that 15% of all trips taken in Paris in 2021 were by bike, and this has opened up...

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  • introducing: closca helmets

    introducing: closca helmets

    Wearing a bike helmet is one of those things like trips to the dentist, investing in your pension, or switching broadband providers; it's something you know you should do but made so much more difficult by bad design. Helmets are...

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  • all about the bags

    all about the bags

    So for me these last few weeks it has been all about the bags. Like many of my fellow Dubs, I cycle into work. It’s a great way to get into the city and also I am loving starting the...

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  • On Yer Bike

    On Yer Bike

    If the weather would ever just stop, Ireland has some pretty spectacular places to go for an aul bike ride. From the Great Western Greenway along the coast of Mayo to the Grand Canal Way in Dublin we have beautiful cycle routes and amazing views. We...

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